Grand Opening SHB 11/10/20 Timetable

13:00 CaféDrinks & Snacks at SHB Café (all day long)
14:00SkatehalleLearn to Skate Stations (max. 30 Skater)
15:00SkatehalleGirls Session (max. 30 Skater)
15:00YardDesign your own Griptape w/ Golygrip
15:00Secret SpotDJ Kim She
16:00SkatehalleLearn to Skate Stations (max. 30 Skater)
17:00Skatehalle(Awesome) Stuff for Tricks (max. 30 Skater + 20 Spectators)
18:00YardSHB-Bar Opening
18:00Yardemmae Acoustic Gig
19:30SHB-BarSkate Quiz
20:00 YardSHB Video Premiere
We take your health and safety very seriously, which is why the Skate-Fleamarket has been postponed until further notice. Unfortunately Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg has been highly affected by Covid-19 so we need to make sure that we can keep enough distance between everyone and limit the number of guests according to local laws to keep the Skatehalle and its surroundings an open safe space for everyone. Please bring your masks, respect the hygiene and distance rules and watch out for each other. Thanks for understanding! <3