Non-profit skate hall from 1/07/20

Since 01 July 2020 the skate hall is operated by the non-profit Skate RAW gGmbH. All profits generated will therefore flow directly back into the skate hall. But what does non-profit status actually mean in concrete terms?

We want to do everything to make the skatehall the home of the Berlin skateboard scene again. Good ideas are always welcome. We support events and projects in the hall. This is the purpose of our new operating company! br>common>/p>
<Public utility means that the operation of the skatehall does not generate private profits. Nobody is allowed to pay out the income from admissions, workshops, sponsoring or cross-financing as profit to himself. Also applies: No tricks! Nobody may be favored for example by a too high salary or enjoy other unusual advantages. „Non-profit“ means: All revenues must flow into the public offer of the skate hall and benefit the skate community.

Drop In e.V. and 1st Berliner Skateboardverein e.V. These associations name and control the management of the skatehall.

stringent criteria. We also have to meet the constant controls of sponsors and even the state audit office at all times. We are registered in the Berlin transparency database. Through our supervisory board, important players in the skate scene are given a constant insight into the management of the company.

skate parkour look like? And how should the program in the Skatehalle be designed?
The skateboard community must be heard on these questions. And their opinion must be what counts
! That’s why we will create an advisory board in the coming weeks, in which representatives of the different user groups will bring in their requirements and organize the participation of all skaters. In the end, every vote from the skate community counts!

Long-term viability
We want the skate hall to be maintained for over 30 years and to be able to develop further. Our non-profit future concept is based on a tested business plan that ensures the long-term survival of the Berlin Skatehalle.
further development of the offers. For many years, voluntary initiatives have been doing youth work under the roof of the Skatehalle. Now this work is firmly anchored in the Skatehalle. Together with the longtime partners of the hall we create lounges, offers for further education, career orientation, help and advice.