This weekend the Best Foot Forward Tour 2024 stopped in Antwerp, Belgium. 

It was the first time ever that Best Foot Forward was hosted in Belgium, and it was straight up a blast, with a good level of riding and 27 riders from 5 nations. 



1st place: Max Berguin
2nd place: Guerlain Girardin
3rd place: Dávid Szépvölgyi


1st place: Julia Plaggenborg
2nd place: Yara Backx
3rd place: Anna Lucia Da Fonseca Lucas


1st place: Leon de Balanda
2nd place: Nathan De Maeyer
3rd place: Hélio Vanden Ecker

Our Travel Judge Stefan Ebner comments on the placings as follows:

We saw some great skating in Antwerp, especially from a lot of the younger participants. But one guy seemed to lay claim on first place right from the qualifications. Max Berguin from France managed to pull off the astounding number of 19 tricks (at least what the judges counted) in 2 minutes without bailing even once. To name single tricks here would make no sense, but there were big grinds, slides, and flips done with effortless style and on every obstacle of the course involved. The crazy thing was that he just did the same thing again in the finals, only with a different set of tricks. Second place went to young ripper Guerlain Girardin, who lives in the U.S. where he seems to have learned perfect kickflip FS boardslides and solid grinds on big rails, massive late shove-its and stylish bs smithgrinds among many other tricks. David Szepvolgy, who was on a family vacation visiting his sister in Belgium, was totally surprised to get third place. To others it was obvious that his tech skating with tricks like crooked grind nollie flip on the bump to rail, nollie noseslide 270 shove-it on the A-frame or noseslide nollie heelflip on the bump to ledge would have to be rewarded.

Out of a field of impressive female riders Julia Plaggenborg clearly took the win with a flawless run. Starting with a feeble down the big rail she mixed all types of tricks on various obstacles and sealed the deal with a kickflip from kicker to kicker.

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